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Y. Teezy - Juwana lyrics

Verse 1-
b**h I'm back & incredible, tell a friend to go tell a ho
I got bars like a felony, never have been a criminal
Tented up like I'm federal, every beat is so edible
Man my n***as we roll deep, we're like the f**in' expendables
Straight line heteros**ual, every girl that I f** with is cute as sh** I need better hoes
My old girl look like she used to dance with the hoes in a festival
Put my foot on the pedal tho, slow down, I could never put, another b**h on a pedestal
They secretly follow me, they secretly prodigies, I beez in yo' trap more than you f**in be in yo' colony
I'm prolly presidential more than f**in' obama be
And ain't no A,B,C,D,E's or Fs in my column G, uh
Really tho', yall lil' hoes are silly tho'
Secretly talk about me, what?, I don't give a f** they really hoes
Pollinate the beat the snares they turn into flowers so f** ya' favorite rapper 2 b**h it's the man of the hour

You A p**y Ass n***a, A p**y Ass n***a, p**y Ass n***a, p**y Ass n***a

Verse 2-
I swear its hard to be humble up in a room full of s**as that when you wanna throw em' the ball then you know they gon' fumble
I like my dollars in bundles if it's a stack I say double it
Man they call they self s**a-free but they stay on that s**a-sh**
Do you know who you f**in' with?
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To the top you go under it, get on beats and I vomited
You get beats and you plummeted
I swear rappers are funny, they pay 400 for features
When they don't do it no justice and I could k** sh** for free
But don't come at me with that free sh** cuz I'll be pa**in' they a**es
They think they really that good then ima start taxin' they a**es
You don't belong in this industry, fake a** rappers pretend to be
Say they packin' the automatic that sh** is pretend to me
You don't got it in your heart to k** a n***a and let him die
If you go to jail you will be the first one to get sodomized
Better bow down to a king I'm what you n***as go idolize
Kiss the ring get on yo' f**ing knees and f**ing apologize, uh


Verse 3-
Everyday Is fathers day, I better get my f**in' cards
Don't ever say hi to me, cuz I could never f** wit' yall
We ain't on eye level, my next b**h is mothering you n***as its obvious you'll never get on a god's level, buck with them
Its motherf** with them
I'm like a tall tee like who tf could tuck him in hah?
And I don't even need to please whores, make em run it back like
(1 2 3 4)


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