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Y. Teezy - What You Know? lyrics

[Verse 1: Y.Teezy]
Yeah, tell me what you know about that
Wake up in the morning, and I cook these n***as, see me put on my chef hat
No I don't f** with no rats
Strictly tryna' get racks
Best believe that I ain't talking bout' teeth, when I say a n***a tryna get plaques, uh
As a matter of fact, like with no suit-teezy don't slack
f** with my team or f** with nothing, i'll break my foot off in yo' back
Look how I attack the beat, when I rap the beat, is probably taking a dirt nap
Up in my chick, hitting from the back, seat is reclined she's up on my lap, uh
Back if you didn't know, rap with the sickest flow
f** like a gigolo, I get blown like a piccolo
Make her scream like the opera- figuro, figuro
Like a basketball play how I get these girls when I pick & roll
Yo' girl yeah she pick and chose
Me now we get to go
Put the D on her, and then I give her the finger roll
Treat her like woman, treat her like hoes if she is one too
First quarter 3-pointer, my homies here then we alley oop
Please don't hate the player, the game, not even both
FCOE we be the team and you know f**in' with the coach
Don't be afraid if a n***a a-pproach
Got a gla** in the air now I'm makin' a toast
Bake these n***as, I hate these n***as, got a nazi flow, if you n***as ain't know
Hoes in here, home depot
She gon' take it in there you know she a deep throat
Blow up-C4
This my channel, f** a remote, throw it to em' tebow
I raise the stakes(steaks) n***a no t-bone
Look at what I be on, I network,network, then network like I had 3 phones
sh**tin' on you pee-ons
Hoes betta' leave me lone'
So cold with the verse, ice in the hurse, f** flames I tell em' freeze on
Throwed off shoutout to z-ro
I'm a lady k**er cee-lo
Shoutout to the H-Town, R.I.P sweet jones
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Ill couture up on my crewneck, I don't sweat her, cause later when the door close, she'll give my crew neck
f** with willy, you'll get suplexed
So many head jokes, what do I do next?
Got two girls, they on my balls, they hittin' falsettos, and that's a duet
We do it, do it, this boy is the rudest
If I give a b**h a job,then her job is to be my nudist
Gotta' team full of real n***as, we don't talk, boy we conference
Only real n***as fit in my circle, and you don't fit the circumference

[Verse 2: Deezil]
Whole bunch of bad b**hes, call me a dog catcher
FCOE, we summer hot, and yall n***as fall after
Got that illcouture on my body, all I need to do is call baxtyr
n***a your b**h be my basket and I dunk the ball so nasty, ugh
I tell her slow it down, while she goin' down
Yeah she in my circle, when she not around
Dreads on my head,treat em' like a crown
Give her that royal dick, then pay her off a pound
They say the world is round, I will surgically reshape that ho
Cold, hot, n***a b**h, I'm so outta space----
n***a you ain't f**in' with deezil
Got a b**h stuck on that refill
Got THC in my dick cells baby come be a big chiefer
These n***as don't know nothing
Like how the f** your ho cuffing
She w* my shxt, thats a small pack to yo' muffin
How the hell is you frontin', but in front of me I see nothin'
Fly carteels a head, nothing else above it
I'm goin' off, f** your favorite rapper
I'm not your favorite rapper, I'm your favorite's master
Say you got more than one, sh**, bring batches
Put it on a platter
Make it more than matter
I know they only wish a n***a would slip
Black & mild n***as get the f** up off my woodtip
I don't speak too much
As you can tell
What you know about-Fly Carteel

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