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Y. Teezy - 49ers lyrics

(Y.Teezy‘s little brother asks him questions)

Came down, slow as sh**, not abiding by the speed limit
n***as hatin', we grinning', if we stop, n***a we trippin'
Get respect, southern wise, that be due to my southern ties
I like my b**hes like I like my chicken, both of em' gotta' be southern fried
Thick thighs, chinky eyes
I'm that n***a, why you look surprised?
Probably cause I done came up, last year they ain't really wanna f** with I
Got support, got on the grind, now they bump my sh** up in they alpines
Cause I wasn't really who I was at the start
Like I said it up in my past lines
Wrtin' raps, a n***a getting' props
And made that my favorite past time
Not chasing chicks, but I'm chasing checks
You f** with that I'm after ya' neck
Tell these women come correct
Cause when I f** with them, I caress
And they lose it all when I attack the neck
Make groupies wet, via text
1-800 call collect, that's the number to get off the dick
And if you on the dick and if you on the tip
Better ride it at, your own risk
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My flow had got so provocative
This sh** be my prerogative
Barack this sh**, straight president, better elect me b**h, when I lock this sh**
Money, power, respect, I lox this sh**
If the game was the usa
Well like T-Dot, I'ma say I'm on top of this
Oh you mad, cause you ain't hot
Ya'll rappers are actresses, Erin Brokovich
Take these hoes to the factory, betta' call me willy wonka b**h
That's a lame line, that's a low blow
Rose gold, rose gold
Ya'll deffer than so so
I'm in a college cla**, her head under the desk, so I'm getting low blowed
Top suite, f** a mo-mo, yall slow slow like a turtose
Closed casket, n***a door closed, deliver me a**, digornos
Yall don't get no playing time, yall the opposite of derrick rose
All yall get is the flatline, no hang time, short corn rows
Get on the beat and make real sh**, I could turn the song into a p**no
And if rappers talkin' that slick sh**, I could turn the beat into a funeral
Ahh, yeah
This sh** too easy baby, welcome to my show I just got this sh** syndicated
Told her bounce and bring it back, ricochet it
Hear my verse and get to sweatin' start to ventilating
Do yo' thang, focus on me don't lose concentration
Do yo' thang, focus on me don't lose concentration

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