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Y&T - Audacity lyrics

(Tyres L. Williams)
Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round!
Here we have Young and Talented Yt
Representing Tallaha**ee, Florida
Griff on the beats
Let it drop

Yeah, Yt, step up to the mic
Don't be scared, let 'em out the cage
He fixin' to cut loose on ya
Run that beat baby
Get 'em...let's rock!

I got the lyrics, delivery, swag, and sk**s
So you ain't gotta go to med school to tell I'm ill
I'm sick with it when I'm flowing and there ain't no cure
But I still stay driven like I got a chauffeur
Speeding over to a whole 'nother lane where I'm riding on
And I've been off the hook so long you hear a dial tone
And in the booth or on the stage it's never a question
I'ma k** it every time like a legal injection

You hear me comin' 'cause the boy Griff got the ba** beatin'
So haters don't want no beef like a vegan
We ballin', should be on E-S-P-N
And lyrically I'm shinin' but you still can't see 'em, nah
I'm too fly, you would need a telescope
But y'all don't need a canine just to tell I'm dope
You wanna see me fall off, well you got no hope
I might drop a few punch lines but I ain't no joke

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I got audacity
I remember back in the day
They used to laugh at me
And now everybody asks
"Will you rap with me?"
So I'm here, Yt
With audacity

(Tyres L. Williams)
Audacity is a noun meaning bold, arrogant, disregard of normal restraint
But yo, Yt, your definition is a little different.
Let the people know what you do.

Audacity is setting the goal and then reaching it
Audacity is doing the right thing, not the easiest
Audacity is standing up for what you believe
When the situation's tough you push through and not leave
And audacity is seeing something bigger than yourself
Audacity is knowing that you need God's help
Whether everything's straight or you're going through a struggle
It's being confident but at the same time humble

Audacity ain't fearing when you hearing a call
How you gonna learn to be fly when you afraid to fall?
I give my all to the beat every time that I'm spittin'
On the mic I'm attempting to display the definition
And I ain't tryin' to solve every problem on the news
I just made a little music for y'all to use
Whether you're studying for school or working a drive through
Or got a job interview, be the best at what you do

With audacity.

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