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Y.S.A - Put in 5ive lyrics

[1st Verse - Retta Slim] The Couldn't stick me if D, Came from illest of Kobe's highlights I'm k**ing this
Stevie Wonder would even wonder why you ain't feeling this, I
Get sentimental when hearing the instrumental then, I
Pardon my soul, boy its half you don't know
I spit that 87 regal, broken pa**enger door
If you ain't f*ckin grab ya shoes and walk yo a** to the door
I ain't got time for p**y footing, get in ya p**y couldn't
Now I'm hot and close to the top, I think I really shouldn't
Funny how b*tches be changing up, when that range pull up
But when the light change, I do the same as when they came with us
They say Retta, don't spit hash, he spits angel dust
They wrong, I spit crack ni**a I'm dangerous
My team be blowing on the finest of that Polperie
And we be gettin money while we overseas
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the coldest
My currents, leave trails of broken paddels tryna flow with me
[Y.S.A] Homie I'm gettin better by the second, better with progression
I ain't no maf*ckin rookie, this is veteran's perfection
Here to quiet down all that lil sh*t yall be stressing
I'm the Law round here like the character on Tekken
3, me, Fenimore's G
Liquor all around me, already bent up off weed
Now the value of music is declining in Americaaaa...
Think I'll taking my talents across the seas
[Talking] Man I'm flying business cla**, That First cla** sh*t be hurting my POCKETS Dog!
Safe landing, I pace the place handsome
I blaze every stage wit my Razor blade tanrums
Yall ni**as stay prancing, and walkin town, wearing sh*t like u was probably dressed by gay parents
Society done turned u a changed man
That ain't the vision, u ain't stickin to the game plan
I'm not in ya lane fam, u can't see me
Like the fingers coming down b'fore u clear it out in that rain dance

[Chorus - Y.S.A] Light it up and smoke, spread it in the sky
If u wan get down on this trees then put in 5
Love is all I know, feel it thru the high
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If u wan get down wit these trees then put in 5...
[Chorus - Retta SLim] Light it up smoke, spread it in the sky
If u wan get down on this trees then put in 5
Love is all I know, feel it thru the high
Light it up cuz... [Instrumental] My Slow, Flows, Remarkable

[2nd Verse - Y.S.A] As I proceed to be a real ni**a, all day
My forte is u gimme a lil floor space
From that NY place, grinding up the herb
And sprinkle toe, ta gimme the kick when Im puffin on the purp Yeah ni**a, WRD... I'm blackin on these beats
When I'm rappin wit my peeps I'm feeling smacked and magnafeek
Dnt be cheap on it, homie fall back if u dnt want it
I'm smoking, u smoking, then ni**a put five up on the chronic

[Retta Slim] Now put a dub up, lets double up
Break it down and get them L's rolled
And in rotation like a Merry Go
Drift across the margin with knowledge from a higher plane
Only twist the green in between paper fonto Flame
Can ride Bronco
Only Cockpit when we ride come fly pronto
Smooth hits giving you visions of higher Echolon
You only here cuz I let you on
But on my cloud, you ain't steppin on

[Y.S.A] Shout out my budman 4 Dimos for the 20's
[Retta Slim] I get it for the low, you ain't know, EXO
When we ride, Floatin like a ghost
[Y.S.A] Ni**a I'm toast, can't even remember rhymes that I wrote, got me floating through the smoke, when I hit the pro tools, Murder she Wrote
[Retta Slim] Clock it in, You ain't F*ckin wit Him
Murder wit Pens
On these lines that I sh*t on
They wanna see what High that we live on
[Retta & Y.S.A] So won't you put in 5 if we still on


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