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Y.S.A - Pinnacle & Oj lyrics

[Produced by Official Stichel]

[Hook - Y.S.A ] Look... been chillin' all day, Happy like O'lay
(Whatchu' sippin' on?) Pinnacle and that Oj
Baby lets role play, 4 play, all day
Pardon me I been sippin' Pinnacle and that... (Bring it back!)

Sippin all day, Happy like O'lay
Pinnacle and that Oj
Baby lets 4 play, role play, oh babe
Pardon me I been sippin' Pinnacle and that OJ!!!

[Pre-verse - Y.S.A] Lemme take a sip for my ni**as, hol on...
(Sips drink)

[Verse 1 - Y.S.A] When the Pinnys in the system
Ain't no telling will I f*ck her or I diss em' dammit I feel like Pimpin'
Baby where yo' man at, he should be where you stand at...
Baby i don't understand that
Ain't you his main chick, You know what the game is
Different by the name, but all of ya'll say the SAME SH*T
I ain't no b*tch, I ain't no ho, imma queen, yes indeed
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But doesn't mean, I can't get in between yo knees... PLEASE!
Spare me with the B.S
You ain't bout to play me like sega, Nintendo D.S., P.S
I just wanna say, before I just walk away
Would you like a slight taste of this Pinnacle and OJ


[Verse 2 - Y.S.A] I'm feeling tipsy, somebody come and get me
Matter fact, I'm good, I'm just chillin' in my hood
All my ni**as what's good
Shout out to my kin folk, shout out to the dude supplying chronic and that in-doe
I just want a drink, wait a minute, lemme think
Who the F*ck am I, call me "Pimp Flyy Guyy"
B*tch better have my money, ain't sh*t funny
Not some, or half, put my foot up in her a**...HA
Dammit I just had to laugh
My humors at a all time high after that gla**
Of Pinnacle, show the world the inner you
Let em' know you part of team drunk and Hollywood is the general


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