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Y.S.A - Only Live Once lyrics

[Verse 1 - Y.S.A] So I'm smoking every night until I'm trippy
Puffing tht sticky icky
Nicole b**hie just gossip a lotta until she lick me
I don't f*ck wit the hickies
Boo u playing wit fire
Live wire, I hustle for everything I desire
While these ni**as sound tired
I'm turning up on they f**ary
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U wonder why these millionaires don't wanna f*ck wit me
Cuz I get drunk a lot, fire up the skunk a lot
F*ck me a Chika and ask a sister if she wanna watch
Stunt a lot, bump a lot of biggie and a lot of Pac
Run a block supply Spears, Brittney if she wanna rock, I just want a lot
Make history and a ton of guap
Make Taylor love me swiftly then tell her I just wanna knock Running up a Mock, f*ck a undercover cop, im n the back of his whip gettin some undercover slop...
Py bj's u get nasty wit it honey
Before the liquor flow inside these ratchet hoes, first we get the money....

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