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Y.S.A - No Questions lyrics

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[Verse 1: HollyWoodYSA ] My middle fingers out the window I'm showing my evil
Better grab yo chick, she on my tip, and I'm sure she would leave you
I'm on my sh*t
Out for the Feddy and all that grip
Ya'll ain't ready like white cream whip
My cream thick, take a lot of shots when rhymin' and i don't care who my beam hit
Thas just it
Im on my focus flow, U ni**as jokes is so
Lame, I'm going insane, wit yo lady
Feel pain when i stroke it slow
Pleasure when I poke it poke
I'm the mane, and ya'll ni**as is so and so
Wordplay crazy, Locy flow
Don't get exposed like open toe, Mane
Enough wit all that bullsh*t spittin', i was just showing off, cuz
I heard ni**as say i don't ever switch my flow at all
Well there u have it, any other suggestions
And if not, mind ya business, don't ask me no motherf*ckin questions

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[Verse 2: HollyWoodYSA] I'm feeling HollyWood, no YSA Included
Schooling these rappers, cla** in session for you Harvard students
Pour me some alcoholic fluids, lemme target music
Straight for the top, (beep beep) move it or I'm barging through it
But on my way, i have a couple conversations
Askin' bout Triple R, and if there's any complications
Lot of anticipation
I just tell em be patient
Cuz i ain't lettin' nobody come f*ck up my situation, dig me?
Like u searching for some motherf*ckin skeletons
Memo to my neighbors, please do me a favor
Since u wanna be questioning
Why every time u have a matter of some uncertainty, it seems to come out irrelevant
Who u gon' feature on it, questions out the Wazoo
Is ALP behind it, and are connected wit Skyzoo
I just laugh it off and tell em its blessing
Thanks for ya time, don't ask me no more foolish f*ckin questions

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