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Y.S.A - Ni**az Iz Lying lyrics

[1st Verse] HollyWoodYSA - I be on my f*ck haters get money sh*t
Shoutout to my Guyanese thas living in GT, shout out to my honey dip
Back to my gettin money sh*t
Let yo paper stack, piling racks on racks on racks
Get yo paper make tht money flip
Dont be tlkin about u ready ta make a change
You Stackin feddy and it b change
My ni**a freddy just said u lame
You heavy inside the game, but lookin light weight
Type fake
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Prolly that strange ni**a, still logging onto myspace
Something strange, None of these chicks s** dick
But ni**as b gettin head, yall be on some f*ck sh*t
Ni**as minds is in the past, living inside the present
Bout how they f*cked the baddest hoes, and these ugly b*tches be pregnant
Thas what i thought it was
Lying bout they guts like the inside of a waterbug
You orda love, the now & later crap
Tlk about it now and get later raps
Ni**as worth less than the blue color now and later wraps

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