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Y.S.A - Dear Mama lyrics

[Phone Call - K. Seward]

[1st Verse Y.S.A] Soul cooking and southern hospitality
Disciplining me was like a fatality
She said it was only to make me better
Fail, never! Ya ambition a make them girls wetter
I mean ita make like u more
Like u and adore, not every girl gon like u just because u know how to play ball
U need ta stand out son u gotta be different
And pick ya f*ckin pants up
Chest out, MAN UP!!!!!
And when its time ta fight u better not be rattled
Stand up like a man, cuz I ain't fighting none of ya battles
And if u get knocked down, come lemme nurse it
U win some, u lose some, not everbodies perfect
Gotta raise u n these churches, ya granny said I should
Cuz God is good all the time and the time and all the time God is good
Srry u couldn't grow up wit the presence of ya dad
But I wrked hard, just so u ca have the things I never had
Love ya Momma

[Chorus] Dear Momma, u the greatest women in the land
Just thinkin bout ya spirit only makes me wanna dance
Ain't no Way I ca pay u back, but my plan is to show u that I understand... I understand
Dear momma, its hard for a women to raise a man
But u took it all in stride, never gave up on the chance
Ain't no way I ca pay u bac, but my plan, is to show u that I understand.... I understand
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Dear momma

[2nd Verse] I got this thing wit being treated like a baby
Being called a mommas boi and tlkin to me crazy
Maybe I'm spoiled, lazy
But if yo momma always came thru like my momma then u wouldn't be tryna play me
Late eighties black baby
Momma kept me away from the evils, scared tht the ghetto would try and break me
Protective of her first born
Love the fact that I would shoot 3's gettin my Dirk on, school gettin my wrk on
She often fussed about having a lil help
Raising me and my brother, cuz she couldn't do herself
Bills forever stressing
Playin lotto for wealth, but never seeing the blessing
Showing me and my sibling a valuable life lesson
That if u bust ya tail
At the end of it all man something gotta prevail
So she made me believe tht
Keep faith and u'll succeed it
But screw material presents mom, ya love was all I needed


Go momma, u the greatest
Show the world that u ain't sweating them haters
Go momma, u my favorite
Scream loud, and tell em ya baby made it...

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