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Y.S.A - Close To Me lyrics

Move forward, my mind telling me push deeper
Pretty nervous of being face to face with Grim Reaper
My chin speak up, never will it tone down
On this microphone, I'm just tryna create my own sound
Brooklyn my hometown, seen a lotta shady sh*t
Like having bestfriends, plotting on plugging in my lady hips
One year after 86', do the math trick
I'm on my spazz sh*t, f*ck wit it or get ya a** kicked
Believe there's more to me, maturally
I just like to smile a lot, it helps with hiding my insecurities
Confident I oughta be
Much so, when I bust flow
I'm allowed to be rude and WHAT UP HOE!!!!
Writing in a gusto, whirlwind
Sluts go, crazy but they can't break the bond of me and my girlfriend
I run this sh*t til the world ends, first shooter
Aiming for #1 cuz second's always the first loser

Speak witty, my mind telling me right better
Whats ya salary, u ain't f*ckin wit the right cheddar
You nice, never, I doubt it by a long shot
Chatting wit this freak just waiting ta have they thong popped
Should I f*ck wit it or let it be
Boyfriend number 2, rapper version of Pleasure P
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She only f*ckin wit u cuz u in the music bizz
Said it made her horny watching Brooklyn Lights Official Vid
Man I don't trust these hoes
I don't show em love for nothing, but u surely quick ta f*ck em
Quick ta call it quits when u find out this b*tch is cuffin
Wit a ni**a wit a 6 figure deal legally hustin
U got tht b*tch tellin u step ya game up
Competing wit dude and she giving you both the same f*ck
Maybe so...
Main reason why the girl I got is way better than f*ckin round wit this shady hoe

Keep grinding my faith is telling wrk harder
On the low, I been tryna impress my birth father
Let him know that I been giving all I got, so when I mention him in any song, it forces him to smirk larger
The proud father face when he hear me rap
Even tho he told me my first project was nearly crap
Ever since then I never been the same, I was rapping off pain
Cuz I ain't wanna take my lady back
Long Story, criticism, I take it poorly
I kinda rather they NOT comment, than call it corny
But Thas my reality of it all
Having high insecurities but still I rap it off
I know this girl is feeling me, I'll let her jack me off
But it ain't worth it, she'll be gon if my higher digits disolve
So is this what its suppose to be
Here goes my venting pot pouring some holy from the groceries

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