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Y.S.A - Brooklyn Lights lyrics

[Chorus - Y.S.A] When u in front of them Brooklyn Lights, Ya glow brighter than everybody that shines
Raise ya gla**es, hold em up in the sky, Lets ride


It ain't nothing but dopeness, hungry and fully focused
So i treat the track like it was heavily potent and I....

[1st Verse - SkyZOo] As Bright as the lights that hover over
The nights was cuttin soda
With white and dusted over
The life they come to throw us
The lights they come to know us
One in the same, rightfully
Couple Drops and couple watts, created hype for me
Kept it there blow that high, Live up 2 it
Swear to you I know that side, I been up through it
Lit up like the bottom of a pair Ye's
And sh*t they itchin for this product like we here with treys
But clear the way, city hype sparking NY night
Ciroc and Henny pouring, shoulders got Biggie on em
Had mine, low price, I blow dice and throw them
Live every line he quoted
I know you eyeing but its no denying
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Know you doubted it but know you buying
I wrote about it as the closet buyer
And for the borough and the life that we about
And built off of them same street lights to keep you out
We on it like...


[2nd Verse - Y.S.A] Im walkin outta that 701 building, wita chip on my shoulder
Its like a brick or a bolder, its almost tipping me over
Put my misssion in motor, accelerate up the hill
My hunger ready ta k**, its like a clip in the hoster
Whether tip or im sober, imma rep it wit a pa**ion
The love they kid like Coney Island loved Sebastian
Starbury, or Douby in his Grady dayz
We spread love, like taking L-O-V and split it up in 80 ways
Large fight in me, you'll never get ya hits off me
That Brooklyn swag leaves a piddle as it drips off me
The chicks gimme lip ta lip softly
But gimme top so good, its like they tryna s** the d*ck off me
F*ck where they took em at
U feel thT energy in any spot, when biggie hollering where brooklyn AT!!!!
So whats it looking like, if it ain't looking right
Then pull it together when u in front of them brooklyn


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