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Y.S.A - 701 lyrics

[1st Verse - Y.S.A]
Who the f*ck is this on my building steps
I don't know you, you dnt look familiar, what u REP
Ni**a u bang, what u claim? Who the king of yo set
You got a weapon my ni**a, what u holdin a tech
Oh you scared?
All this drama just ta see his lady that said ignore them ni**as and come upstairs
Yeah right, not only does he fear Christ
Its them Fenimore ni**as that got him scares for dear LIFE...
Blood building, they flip ni**as
Show no love, but mad cool wit them Albany crip ni**as
F*ck around and get disfigured, they sip liquor, serving fiends on the strip
Ni**a stick to the script
Like writing in cursive, f*ck flirting
Wit all these thug ni**as, that pu**y better be worth it
This sh*t look nervous, before we flirt and we s**
Come and get me before they merk me on these burgundy steps

[Chorus - Y.S.A]
Be aware of them crooked ni**as that block hug
Random moments where them DT's a pop up
Stick around I gotta story ta brag
When u in Fenimore between Troy and Albany Ave
[Naj Is Dope]
Living around them wild ni**as and wicked thots
Unhealthy meals from the Chinese and Chicken Spots
Similar story outta Jay-Z past, but this is Fenimore between Troy and Albany Ave
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[2nd Verse - Y.S.A]
Lickin up shots when the ball drops
Up on the roof, its just a couple troops, ni**a u bullet proof
U wouldn't think it if its pointed at cha body
This the building where the Dice games is played up in the lobby
Shoutout ta Molly Rob, and ni**as that hustle hard
Brooklyn boiled in they heart's blastin Jigga from they cars
[Naj Is Dope] In the Yard, Found a couple ni**as ready to get minajed
They got tree, I got the wheels ready to park in they garage
And them, Go Getters that roll wit us Got Gold Diggers
Tryna tell ni**as whats best, figured I showed ni**As
As they Control ni**as That don't know how to hold figures
Stick to the script. These hoes all need a save ya soul scripture
I'm watching HollyWood depict on how the cold hit ya
Bullsh*t, get you the full clip
Let us draw it out, young chicks be whoring out
With a couple homies thats lonely ready to war it out


[Post Chorus - Y.S.A]
Where u from, where u from...
Walking round on this block, better keep a lid on yo tongue
These lil homies losing they innocence while they young
If you don't know nobody here I think its best you never come

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