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Y.S.A - Rage Against The Machine lyrics

[Verse 1: Naj]

5th Grade Saw My first headshot
On the corner broad day
Bullets flying over crowds
Put Em down like a Miguel leg drop
Ain't power tripping for the thrill
Homie gotta pay the bills
I just watched em pull off in a red drop
Now I'm idolizing
Them n***as the Feds watch
In the rubble
Getting stoned
b**h making the bed rock
In the jungle we alone
n***as popped
Gotta grind boy
Weed ain't stimulate ain't Ya mind boy?
They waiting for us to f** up to do some time boy
Quit that b**hing
Put the key in ignition
Them licks ain't hitting?
You been itching for a sign boy?
Quit the tripping
Get Ya b**hes and Ya cash right
You addicted to distraction like a gla** pipe
n***as talk like they ain't never seen the struggle
Man that Ebt fed more hungry New York n***as than Smack White
Gotta luv it though machines got us trained
f** somebody else credit up for moschino on the train
Starting to feel like Pacino at the train
Fly as hell? Might as well had copped some miskeen and a range
Nah f** that
I rather die fly
All out
One life
My rage fuels the dope boat
So Yall can be in love with the coco
The Flood coming soon
Get rid of all those don't float

[Hook: Naj]

Back to the basics
Rage against the machine
America need a facelift
It's up to us to intervene
Revolution on wax
All facts my n***a...
Living in the trap
Got us trapped
Bring it back
Make a stack
My n***a

[Verse 2: Chase Dollars]

This world never accepted us, just rejected us
We are America's children, how you neglecting us?
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Couldn't give us no love and so gave they us d**
This sh** is bugged Ours brothers giving each other slugs
So, I'm a product of my environment
Product in my environment supply it if you buying it
I know, it's a wrinkle in time just tryna iron it
Under the iris of the IRS I know they eying 'em
That bullsh** yall selling we ain't buying it
Had us slinging some rocks on some David versus Goliath sh**
More than just the sharks n***as
Swimming with the leviathan
Ran head first to the flames just like a fireman
We sliding in, something make the b**hes wanna holla at 'im
Yeah this be the flow that make the labels throw a dollar at 'em
I be at the table like "yo waiter, throw some chowder at him!"
n***as making up sh** somebody throw some powder at them
Think they need L'oreal or Maybelline
Either rapping what they heard or what they seen up on the screen
And you afraid to face the mirror let me tell you what that means
Its character suicide, you're k**ing your self esteem
Is me and my n***as on top a selfish dream?
If so we taking that shot, just like Hakeem
Hit the outlet, soon as we come off the screen
Plug me in, turn me up, we raging against the machine!

[Hook: Naj]

[Verse 3: Hollywood YSA]

All I need is the lights low
Chilling with a gangsta lean like the eiffel
I'm tryna have my shine on top, and make n***as
Have to look at me like a light pole
Pa** the weed, where the light bro?
Let me spark it til my heart darken
All these rap n***as crashing like a stock market
Tell them move the f** from the wheel
So i could properly park it, n***a
Loudy loudy my vehicle cloudy
All i do is call up a freak
Get my nut and be outtie
I got a problem with being part of this poverty
And honestly i vowed to feed my fam and my
n***as around me, proudly
So f** living with your stomach growly or ribs touching
I ain't rapping only to have my ends rubbing
Or making ends meet
This industry got fat while we starved
I planned to make my revenge sweet
Have my mama pulling off in the benz jeep
Celebrations whenever me and my mans meet
Thanking God for keeping the party going
When n***as run outta liquor with
Pinny Vodka And Hennessey
America need a facelift
Its on me to intervene
It could be part of my phase
But when i target my rage
Only place i could think of is the machine

[Hook: Naj]

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