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Y.S.A - No b**ha**ness lyrics

[Verse 1 - Queen Latifa] WHO YOU CALLIN' A....
[HollyWoodYSA] Lame a** rapper, Flow is so dapper
I'm the homie that ladies love to run and chase after
I closed chapter, on that life I was living back
When I was hoopin'/ Now-a-dayz I just spit and rap
Follow my mojo, these rappers sound so-so
No Def, wonder who ga**ed you up like Sunoco
Got the game in the Choke hold, I don't let it breath, steering wheel to this rap sh*t, hand me over the keys
Shout to the O.G's, ni**as know what I does
They false claiming like Hoover crips throwing up BLOODS
Imma sponge to the love, I soak it all in, but when I feel the hate, I ring it out withdrawing the suds
[Lyrics from: https:/**ha**ness.html]
Unh, get the picture, no Kodak
Get a life walking round in the building hollering, WHERE THE HOES AT
That loser mentality and its so whack
Man i just felt it was my job to expose that
I'm a race for that number 1 spot AND/ my competition legs locking like a low jack
Breaking thru the strings for the finish line
Ridges on the knife, cutting ni**as when its dinner time
Fenimore the address, tampon padless
Like Diddy shirt say, "NO B*TCHA**NESS"
So that means don't be acting like a groupie
When you see me on the ave homie, properly salute me.... YEAH!

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