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Y.S.A - Make it lyrics

[Chorus - Bob Bush, Y.S.A] [2x] I swear to God thats on my momma im the greatest
Flexing on them haters when my ni**as make it (Man, I swear to God imma make it)
Throwing paper, got them strippers gettin naked
Stackin paper wait until my ni**as make it (Man, I Swear I'm the greatest)

[1st Verse - Bob Bush] I see you up for a Grammy but that ain't sayin nothin
We really from the bottom and we anti-Ni**as frontin
I'm a lil loney, but I'm running wit some goonies
Never lonely wit the homies, accompanied by some groupies
The scene is such a movie, I'm the rap Paul Mooney
Cooler than George Clooney, see my swag is hella groovy
Pullin off wit a Loosey, ash in a gla** of Duece
The weed can't move me, I'm stronger than Trumps Tupee
Raised off of that Kool-Aid, now I'm pitching the new wave
Sip it ni**a dnt Guzzle, Follow me out the struggle
Watch me barrel this muffle , They won't even hear a scuffle
See me gunning for the top, But they don't see it coming
When Obama's outta office I'm the ni**a they will summon
Bob Bush for President Yeezy I'm f*ckin RUNNIN
Call me David Ruffin, Ladies I love to F*ck em
Digging You out cha stuffings, Baby I'm bout to bust it


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[2nd Verse - Y.S.A] Self confident and so determined
Every Peer is Making Dollarz, Praise my Erick Sermon
I am Not for hogging B*tches like my name is Kermit
I got the spark that leave the cables burning
But I'm... Diseased Free like prophylaxis on the D
God, Big money, Family and Honor is my main concernin
You should sit inside my church, ita help you aide ya nervous
Cuz, I swear all yall ni**as basic like the cable service
I swear to God my Ni**a, Swear To God
Poppin Pu**y wit Champagne habits, I'm living large
Enterprise got me in a fashion of Renting Cars
Pulling off in a Nissan Cla**ic, Still pimping Broads, man
And All I see is Big Cake, Moving in at a quick pace
All I see is these youngings that look at me as they template
Or like they Sensei, I break it down so they comprehende
Got my degree in Barrier Bonds for everything that Penn State
I'm honor Roll wit this Pen game Bro
I'm like the 1st period wit this insane FLOW
Cuz I know its up for the taking
It ain't gotta be my birthday to be caking
I got it locked like Soccer, Tops on a Jamaican, LAWD!!!


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