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Y.S.A - Humble Pimp Hand lyrics

[Intro - Prod. by The Stuyvesants]

[Y.S.A talks] Aye Aye, don't chu, don't chu get yo dusty a** heels in my, in my vehicle...

[Verse - Y.S.A] Pull up on the ave and I'm just f*ckin clean
Yeah its a 98' Taurus, but sh*t its f*ckin clean
Feeling like I belong in another scene
This type of fly ca only come from my Fathers Genes
Cla**ic sh*t, u wouldn't understand it
This type of style a wake u up like swinging open handed
I only love her when my Dick hard, I'm so romantic
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My ex was never heart broken, she was faking the damage
Taking advantage, just ta have her cute face in the cameras
Got Dammit she cold blooded
My attitude rude as sh*t when I wanna, the hoes love it
If we f*ckin I ain't dealin wit ya overloaded luggage
She hoping for Nya Lee's strip on the pole budget
If she riding so f*ck it
Knew as soon as I pressed the gas, she was gon s** it
Smut bucket, now lemme put her in the ave
And hypnotize the horny motherf*ckas wit yo a**
Make my money
And don't come back if Ben Franklin feels Lonely

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