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Y. Rendo (410) - Kick Down Doors lyrics

[Verse 1: Y.Rendo]
Man roll with the ramb
Man beatin the skeng at you so when you see me just run
With the flip flip I move the icky, money get touched
Runnin man down with the black blade
And he jumped in a bus
Like why the f** you jump in a bus?
On Twitter, I see them tweetin
Hella man talkin this crud
When they see gang alla them run
Figured in the head like I don't want nunna them slugs
Like couple 44s come to the F and get bunned
Like come to the F and get bunned
Big dot dots coulda get flung
Got no time for a mug
I need more connects, I need more plugs
You're tryna cuff a b**h
I makin these Ps tryna get funds
In the room with the trappers
Like you're in a room just full of them cunts
Like BT [?] turn up the place, truss me every ting mad
They don't want no smoke
Young boy dip dip with the shaver out, just might get sawed
Serious round there, you can stay with them jokes
Rendo said he got linked
Truss me head back's gonna get blown
I'll sneak in a room with 4s
Truss me them man they already know
Talkin that sh** to my gang
Get two Duracells up in your dome
Sneak dissin on the net, truss me the gang come straight to your home
That's word of my mothers no jokes
Got caught lacking in your whip
And you left the car, running no keys
Like how you gettin home?

[Verse 2: A.M]
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25 at 20:30
Gyal use your brace stop being nerdy
That's 8:30 no irky perky
Gyal bend over like 6:30
You little slut, you're very dirty
Uck me, you ain't p**y worthy
18 but she lookin 30
Lookin niff that's hella certy
Yea I rate tings that give it up
Like no stress, just gimme uck
A couple tings wan' fuss up
Like fair enough if the b**h is buff
But dead tings aren't have to pattern up
'Bout hard to get, you're hard to run
Walk around with your best friend, and your best friend's been givin uck
Kick down doors, man ah don't kick man's mom
Man ah just kick down kick down packs
Man ah just sit down kick down grub
Put him in the back and boot in the trunk
She too man, she too wan' come
Man ah got too much packs in the trunk
Might have to kick down kick down one
Kick down doors, man ah didn't see no grub
Everything dead, everything get dud
Man ah see feds, everything get plugged
2 in the Q, everything get bunned
Hands on the mop, everything get rubbed
Too much corn, everything get stud
Gyal give top, everything get s**ed
Kick down doors but nobody there
1 2 shots got lost in the air
22 shots one open the wig
And 32 shots make man disappear
Bare bluss tings all over the gaff
Leave man's face all open and that
Man ah just came in the house with 4s
Left man's door all broken and that

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