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Y-O - Whats Important lyrics

The cannon the cannon
It's the family business right here
DSD1, stunner band wad di do
Oh by the way happy birthday homie
Philadelphia to H town baby
Chin up [trend setta][trend setta]
Uh huh on a Monday n***a
Let's get it
Let it go let it roll, uh huh
Cannon cannon
Yeah yeah

Feel like i'm living life and forgot what's really important
I was just thinking bout me, yeah
So many n***as I love yeah they was quick to f** me
This sh** I couldn't believe
Say I was blinded by money hoes and fast cars
A lot of sh** I don't need
[I was blinded] I got to living life and really forgot what's important
And that's how I feel yeah

[Verse 1:]
Feel like i'm living forgot what's important
Feel like you eating and we need a portion
Feel like you p**y n***as we extorting
I put the bug in the bugs and he go get the torture
Philly to H-town some stay down
Some flip the script and they jump ship and away now
Blinded by the shots and the cop license you fake clowns
Nobody's safe now cave [?] in the playgrounds
Walk out with ma hoodie on face down
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Hand in ma pocket one of the chamber ready to take down
Real n***a fake sh** f** up out ma face now
I don't need you b**h n***as hold ma own weight down


[Verse 2:]
In the kitchen kicking the sh** ma n***a pots and forks
And, ma n***as ready to eat yeah
We tryna mastermind the game they praying on us falling
n***as are never defeat yeah
Is money out here I promise n***a I want me some
I'm f**ing straight straight off the block,yeah
Pray when I wake up leave the house know that I got ma drum
You p**y n***as front and get shot
Two drums up fully loaded all ma magazines
Auto war p**y n***as front we leave a murder scene
Drumroll drumroll [?] get a coppo shot
n***as [?] running get the ducking when them choppers chop
For that dollar we do whatever Jiggling and rocking
No loses for ma soul on the creme we be plotting
[?] and hold a hundred yeah
Burner by ma tummy yeah murder as we get em back
But we just want the money yeah
I'm still rocking wit ma day ones yeah
And we don't f** with play guns
Feel like i'm living life and forgot what's really important
Say mother f** the DA, Judge and f** the warden
And mother f** the police yeah


Seven the producer

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