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Y.O.U - Good Luck with that American Dream lyrics

Days in my life wasted staring at strangers,
Hours bottled up in disposable containers of hope.
Take one down & I'll drink it alone,
Take my memories & call them your own.
I'll give you every detail, every embarra**ing secret,
All for the camera in the name of entertainment & love,
In the end, you've got nothing to keep,
All this watching just makes you feel cheap.

So don't look away,
Don't look back,
Pull it together, or tear me apart,
Decisions, decisions, good luck with that American Dream.
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It used to be that your life was made up of numbers,
Now with salvation in a day & forever in mind,
It's an afternoon show with a race,
There's no way to give up & save face.


It's a brand new century with brand new rules,
May you live through others as they have lived through you,
May they see you as you see yourself,
And your hopes not collect on the shelf.


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