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Y.O.U - All Arranged lyrics

Don't think about the lives we missed,
Or the liberties we took,
Or illusions that the environment
Can be saved by writing books,
While children fall like snowflakes,
Each one's unique if you get a close enough look
Before they melt to nothing.

Their feather weight could crush us all,
So cold & heavy & bright,
You can't save every one of them,
You've got to pick your fights,
Lessons dress up like failures,
Teaching us to desperately want to make things right,
It never could be any other way.
It's all arranged, all arranged, all arranged.

Don't worry about the government,
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They've got things under control,
Communists & believers,
We'll figure it out at the polls,
And the winners will be great actors,
But we'll all play different roles,
Read it like it's written,
No changes or revisions,
It's all perfectly arranged.

The world is just a few days old,
That makes us younger still,
Our innocent mistakes are recorded
In the blood & the oil that we spill,
It might come back to haunt us,
But there's no guaranteeing that it will,
Coincidence & justice,
It never could be any other way,
It's all arranged, all arranged, all arranged.

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