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Y.O.U - A Pleasant Bummer lyrics

They say it's all about perspective
Well how's this?
Twenty years on, depressive and my shirts don't fit
I think I've started dwelling
On the equivalent of the spelling
When I know the meaning
It's just a word I have trouble reading

If you're on the road right now
By God I hope you packed a sweater
You're gonna be really disappointed
If you held hope for better weather
But kin like us we grow so tough
Our skin gets thick as heavy leather
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Yeah, we're doomed and blessed, I guess

You tend to feel a bit defective
When you miss most every mark expected
You know some say that I deserve this
I'm fast at peace now, at least for the moment
Until the next crowd looks on and wonder as they ask how

I turn my self over like a rock
So you can all see just what's under
Every single creepy crawly
Will have you itching as you wonder
Are you solid like the rock or more prone to break asunder?
Yeah I'm doomed, I'm blessed, I guess

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