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Y.N.RichKids - The Kids Do Stand a Chance* lyrics

The kids do stand a chance... most people think the youth of today are lost and unfocused... but don't count us out
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This album is dedicated to all the kids in our community and all over the world. Being a kid is a wonderful thing but it isn't worry free. Daily we rise above the trouble and peer pressure; we conquer love, face our bullies and smile with our heads to the sky while doing it. This is just a glimpse into the everyday world of kids from our perspective and this album tells our story and how we encounter love, loss, bullies, violence in our community, haters, and people who do not believe in us. Thank you for taking this journey with us. We all have something that we are good at and we must find it inside ourselves and carve out our own destiny. Thank you to the community and all who shape and influence our lives. Never give up on yourself or each other, and remember... THE KIDS DO STAND A CHANCE

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