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Y.N.RichKids - My Bike lyrics

[Frizzy Free]
I'm on MY BIKE
Ay yo Dame Jones
(what up)
Lets show 'em what we do

MY BIKE, MY BIKE, I'm ridin on my bicycle
MY BIKE, MY BIKE, I'm ridin on my bicycle
Two wheels with a big ol' frame, when i roll by chicks callin my name
Snapback for a cap with a backpack strapped all around my back, I'm on MY BIKE
Swerve, swerve
I'm on MY BIKE
Swerve, swerve
I'm on MY BIKE
Pop that, pop that, pop that
Pop that

[Dame Jones]
Pop that uh
Ok I'm back on MY BIKE i don't need a car, these two wheels gon' take me far
Ridin down the street showin off my tricks, tellin these haters to get off my pegs
They trippin i dont need a critic, I'mma just rock a snapback or a fitted
With backpack stuffed jam packed full of snacks that's either hot cheetos or takis, that's that

[Lady J]
I whip my hair back and forth, when I'm ridin on my bicycle
Cute outfit fresh shoes on, it ain't nikes bro
Hair blowin as i ride in the wind, kicked back leanin like a kickstand
And I'm with my friends, Y.N.RichKids


[Kid Nas]
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Ok I'm ridin around real slow, and u already know
That I'm fresh to d**h on my bicycle, and you should prolly know
That i can do it with no hands, I'm the man, this yo' jam
And every time you hear this track, u gonna wanna shake yo' pants I'm on MY BIKE

[Frizzy Free]
My bicycle, my bicycle, me and my homies on our bicycles
And we cold like some icicles, every time we gettin on the microphone
Wanna act loco, hit u with numerous takes of the vocals, we gets loco
And we so cold, cold with the bars, swagger on mars I'm a star

It's G6... ridin on MY BIKE
Flyer than a kite, and i put that on my life
Matter fact put that on my mama, flow cold but I'm hot like a sauna
No games bro i don't need no drama, cuz I'm tryna make change like Obama, bow

Here we go
Bow bow bow, u are rollin with Ben10 now
And it's goin down, turn the music loud
Ride around, left or right
And I'm on MY BIKE, i said on MY BIKE


[Frizzy Free]
U know if u don't know
I think it's time for u to get to know, ya dig?
U know we been doin this for a while now, rollin deep with MC's
And it's a whole lot of us, yo Lauren get 'em

Ok the wheels on my bike go round and round, i said round and round
U can catch me and my crew on our bikes rollin past haters as we cruise our town
Don't be mad cuz u late to the party, we was hot way before HOT CHEETOS & TAKIS
Northside, Northside, stay strong we the crew check us out,

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