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Y.N.RichKids - Hot Cheetos & Takis lyrics

I go by the name of Dame Jones
I'm with my crew
And we gon' show y'all what we be snacking on
Ya dig

Hot cheetos and takis
Hot cheetos and takis
I can't get enough of these hot cheetos and takis
Got my fingers stained red and I cannot get them off me
You can catch me and my crew eating hot cheetos and takis

Snack snack snack crunch
Snack snack snack munch
Hot cheetos and takis
Hot cheetos and takis
You can catch me and my crew eating hot cheetos and takis

[Verse 1: Dame Jones]
It's about a quarter to a four
Rolling to the store
What you bout to get?
Hah, you already know
Got like 3 or 4 dollars and a couple odd cents
Bout to cop me some hot cheetos and a lemonade brisk
I'm ridin' around on my bicycle
Ridin' around on my bicycle
Pull up to the studio
Cuz you know the kid be melting them microphones
Munching on my takis like I just don't care
Then I walk up to your girl and she asking me to share

[Verse 2: Nasir]
I'm hungry where them cheetos at
They stay biting like where them mosquitos at
I'm on point like an elbow
Hands red like elmo
My mama said 'have you had enough?'
I look and I said 'no ma'am'
I go ham in the grocery store
Orange fanta and takis
Riding around with my allowance
So nobody can stop me
All the kids wanna be him
Go crazy when they see him
My mom hit the ATM
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Cuz she know I need them


[Verse 3: G6]
Hot Cheetos and takis
That's my favorite snack
Bought 'em with my own money
I don't give 'em back
Mama says "slow down
Boy you bout to blow"
First I'm finna get mo'
You should drive me to the sto'

[Verse 4: Frizzy Free]
Hot Cheetos and takis
No one ever stops me
Got an ice flow and I'm super cold
Everybody knows that I'm so dope
I say yes to takis
And you say no to cheetos
I can have them then
And you can stick to fritos

[Verse 5: Ben 10]
Ben 10 need a snack
Somebody give it to him
Or I might snap
Like what my fingers doing
Yeah you know what's next
You can't stop me
I hit them with the flex
And eat some takis


[Verse 6: Jasiona]
I'm getting snacks on snacks on snacks
Yeah I'm eating all of them
By the way if you don't know J got sk**s flow cold like a snow cone
Boatloads of them skittles starburst fritos and doritos
But nothing can compare to them H-O-T cheetos
And them takis
So watch me go hammer
With my snack first
And I chew my food
Cuz you know I got them manners
And then I start to dance and I dougie to the floor
And now I need a snack headed to the corner store
For some...


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