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Y-Lo - EBK lyrics

[Verse 1: Y-Lo]
Well, I'm sitting in a tower with my eye
Through the scope
Got my finger on the trigga
Prepare to feel the power hoe
Going to tear your skull up out ya head and watch it hit the floor
EBK until doomsday
So I hope you don't take it personal
Everybody going to die
Ma** depopulation, hoe
Everybody k**a. no, really
You betta watch yo dome
Just a disease and I infect the world with the sickness, n***a
Hit this, got a line of dope
Now my nose is full of blow
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Pull my gat up out my coat
Let that sh** rip hit a innocent
In they mutha f**in throat
Hide in the bushes till the law
Comes, then I k** that hoe
It's not safe around these streets
Neighborhood sniper watchin things
Get outa line you'll lose your dome
You gota price up on your head and I collect that sh**
Even if it was for free
I would still k** that busta hoe
EBK's a lifestyle so its not premeditated
Just a case of wrong time and wrong place
Now they gone
f** that hoe

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