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Y-Kim - What the Blood Clot!?! lyrics

[Intro: RZA, (Method Man), {Y-Kim the Ill Figure}]
sh** is banging! You see what I'm saying? Our sh** is banging!
(Our sh** is staining, son) Yo, Shaolin running this sh**, son!
Running this sh**! (Staining) What's up, Y-Kim? 'Sup, n***a?
{What's up, man? What's up?}
What's up? Representing Brownsville
Know I'm saying? Base, peace to all my Brownsville n***as!
{The alcoholics son} What's going on, son?
Peace to all my Putnam Avenue motherf**ers!
Bedford-stuy, n***a!
(Yeah, peace to the valley goat..)
Peace to my Wild Wild West Brighton n***as! (Big up The Bridge!) Yeah, FUCK outta here, n***a

[Verse 1: Method Man]
All I hear is gun shots
Can I touch something? What the Blood Clot!?!
n***a want Tical, make it happen
You know my f**ing style, f** the rapping
We can take it back to 85 if you wanna start acting like you live
It's all good, I'm rolling with my clique, Owls, Backwoods and Phillies
Smoking cess blunts, mixed with illy got me flustered
Now the whole world looks dusted
I'm in the area with the steel that never rusted
For real, n***a touch it and you burn
When will motherf**ers learn?
What be spreading like a germ? Haha, it's Meth, word
I be that early bird that got the worm and if you check it
I'm on point, like a fax machine you get the message
It's be no question it's them, bust the second guessings
Keep your thoughts on your lessons
What the Blood Clot!?!
To tell the truth you don't amaze me
k**a Hill Project, a Star Trek phaser couldn't phase me
What? Check the Raider Ruckus, f** this
Smoke a Dutchmaster, have 'em screaming for the dutchess
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Yeah, I gotta have it, so I strive to stack my papes
If I don't do it for mydelf, I'mma do it for Kase
Cause that's my peoples
I'm giving you injections that be lethal
Weapons, when n***as start to half stepping, then I get evil
But don't let that negative vibe right there mislead you
I'm humble, a f**ing k**a Bee, far from bumble
I sting you - bzzz - and I bring you
Thirty-six Chambers of head banger, b**h
Wha ya deal with? I think the mic's on the fritz
Faggot soundmen, they be sabotaging sh**
Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane
Meth-Tical, let the whole world know my f**in name
What the Blood Clot!?!

[Outro: Method Man]
Yeah, yeah, you know what I'm saying?
Keep it reals on this thing
First of all I'd like to give a big up, peace and shout out
To my brothers in the belly of the beast
Raider Ruckus, we friends to the end and back again, baby. One love
Gin Lover, sh**ty Brown, Pus Head, Pil, the P.L.L
Stack DAT, Dusty, Storm, Suu! We still in here, n***a
Jamel, one love, baby, Nice
Uncle Eric aka Shane, I ain't forget you, n***a
Shakim, Nutt, Big Shaft, K. Fisk, Big Free from Cipher Heat
All the fugitives on the run
Everybody from Rikers Island to San Quentin
And a big major shout out to my old dad who just got home on work release
Keep your heads up n***as

My people!

(Yeah that n***a f**ing Dirty Bastard, God, that n***a is crazy)
f**ed with a napkin on his dick

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