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Y Kant Tori Read - Floating City lyrics

You went away
Why did you
Leave me
You know
I believed you
Nothing explained
Where are the answers
I know i need you

Tell me
Is your city
Paved with gold
Is there hunger
Do your people
Grow old
Do your governments
Have secrets
That they've sold

Every night i wait
Take me away
To your
Floating city
By my window at night
I see the lights
To your
Floating city
Come and take me away
I want to play
In your
Floating city yeah
Floating city yeah
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T.v. turns off
Any of us that
Say that we've
Seen you
Tell me are we
The only planet
That can't
Conceive you

Will we be
Like atlantis
Long ago
So a**ured
That we're advanced
With what we know
That our spirit
Never had time
To grow


Is it weak
To look for
Saviors out in space
Little earth
She tries so hard
To change our ways
Sometimes she
Must get sick
Of this place


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