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Y.D - Fast rap lyrics

Girl I could make it rain like this all night
Still wanna see if you can keep up with the astonishing lyrics
That I spit on the mic
Come on get down wit the rapper
And if ya friends want some of my flow
I will spit that serious flow that go
Fast or slow
Jus to show you what I wanna do
Take ya to the hotel
And spend
But the best
The best
Is on you
You ain't gotta be scared jus tell me anywhere
That you really wanna go
We could take a drive downtown if ya know what I mean
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But them haters gonna keep hating
But I don't give a f** if they see you with me
You want a man
Who can
Treat you to
I'm made shawty
We can go and get that cake
We can go anywhere
Girl I swear
I can take you
Fronto and pronto
And got to have you shawty
Tell all them other hoes
That you tha baddest girl
With a mad flow..........

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