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Y.D - Chiraq to FL (Freestyle) lyrics

Chiraq To FL (Freestyle)

[Verse 1: Cameron $wavey]

Heard these n***as hating cause we hot as f**
Keep paper chasing till it's not enough
Keep paper chasing for a lot of stuff
Catch me copping stuff, on my baller stuff
n***as hating cause a n***a made it, still getting faded screaming duck you pay me
b**h I'm Cameron $wavey, spitting straight amazing
Chasing paper daily you already know, screaming f** these hoes cause I'm bout my money stack a lotta money b**h I'm chasing dough
Pillsbury, n***as stressing they still worried on the 15th bet my sh** mean
Meaner then the neen, and I'm sixteen still k**ing n***as way bigger than me

[Verse 2: Jon Carlo$]

Not from Chicago but I'm still rapping this
Like cheif keef I still don't love this b**h
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I don't talk about guns or sh**, that I don't have
n***as dissing cause we getting bigger
No time for that we just getting richer
We just getting richer..
That's for you too..
Green light, these the stories you hear at night
No migos but I'll still beat the p**y up like fight night
Let fredo b**h it's a scary sight
I be there I done that, no time for this we don't son that
We ahead of these n***as, we run laps

[Verse 3: YD]

I'ma cock sh**, click, pow
Hit em with two shots pow pow
And when I'm in the field, i'ma tote the steel and hit the n***a real hard
And when it's on my waist
I'ma let her taste my Truey jeans cause I'm clutching hard
I ain't giving up till a n***a see a couple foreign cars

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