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Y.A.Z. - A$HM lyrics

[Verse 1 : Yaz]
If you don't like my sh** b**h sue me
Usually, hanging with a crowd no groupie
Tryna verse a verse with a legend so stupid
How do you tell a n***a underground you gonna shot him
Do pls, up to my old tricks
Flowing with the water like my name Mick Jenkins
Mind is a weapon got the gun to you dead beats, haters in the game so you know they gon' arrest me
Damn! b**h
You'll can't take me down cause I'm already underground
Sitting in a circle so the blunt is coming round, round and round like a merry go round
Smoking loud and i'm sipping proud
You will believe if you not holy
Give me the whole alphabet and I will chose OG
Lighting up the verses as I'm lighting up the craters
Ashes of the Gods, man n***a this my prayer

[ Chorus : Yaz]
Evil will never rise up over good
Like a statue it's broken old and it is scared
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I kneel down cause you my light right in the dark
I pray you save them save from them selfs
I pray you save them from them selfs
Got the pistol clicking shooting at these n***as hope you save them from the dark
I pray you do, I pray you do, creep up on the n***as, creep up on these hitters, i pray you do ohhhh
Got the love in his heart and his never losing it
Got the world in his palm and never losing grip
Ohhhh never losing grip

[Verse 2: BaDazz Mic]
I hear your third eye opened. well my n***a I am heavenly chosen. all these n***as throwing bars with them 6 sh**. But I keep on rhyming with that sick sh** Do you get it ? my lines are sick your god is weak If you want defeat then come to my street. I will bring the heat up cos man I am believer. No longer a sinner I tell you my n***a. I am underground can't you hear this sound or just notice clouds changing. Than why the hell you wanna bury me or k** me or send me six steps beneath the earth man I smoke herb. I toke a lot and loke a lot. I ain't pathetic. I ain't motherf**en lusi lusifer of all the evil. what's the highest star ? Its Evel Knievel of the E people
But I throw a bar then you will feel it underground in hell man I don't care. Its a spiritual warfare you won't win. cos I had one wish and I wished for more. And the first wish was to k** all the evil second wish simply wish the fire and desire just walk with fire. just to burn these liars with Holy fire this heavenly fire. You ain't going higher so I guess you retired in this rap sh**. Rap is about God not some weak sh** you getting the point right now. So I guess its my time to light now. Here's a lil point life ain't nothing without a joint. Man I proved that already my n***a ready and my clip is extended if my rap was a gun then I know I'll be pulling triggers you fake a** n***a
Do you get it my n***a


[Outro: Yaz]
Ashes of the Gods

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