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Y.A.Z. - U Neva' Luv'd Us lyrics

[Chorus: Yaz]
You were my Fantasy
Our love kept on trippin' like ecstasy
Id move mountain to show you
I guess we a couple that just was not meant to be
Cause, I would do anything for us
I would do anything for ya
Would you do the same
U never loved us, you played these games
All the time

[Verse 1: Gawd Father]
Life is like a fantasy
Damn girl why you lied to me
Why you tripping
Say you would die for me
Knowing that you hoing uptown
Cry for me
But you sly with me
Did my emotions matter
I chose you
Had a option to choose better
I hate being blown away
Like I'm a feather
Cause I knew that I loved you
Sometimes I hate it
When my emotion true
Dollar signs and paper money
I saw on the moon
Love was higher
Perfect for my interlectual desires
The way I wanted to build my empire
Even thou your soul was a liar
It got my choking
Crossing fingers
Hoping and changing
Got my heart racing
For sh**
Cursing and hurting
Called you a b**h
Realest sh**

[Chorus: Yaz]

[Verse 2: Yaz]
I guess emotions got the best of me
Trippin' on this sh** like some ecstasy
My ex made me overdose exstasy
Can't you'll see
I am so lifted man i feel so heavenly
Wait, waitin' for a young n***a switch up
Love was the art but she never got the picture
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Honda to a masi she be waitin' for a switch up
Gawd i think she was looking at you n***a for the switch up
Ha!, never mind all that sh**
Caught up in the lights camera action and sh**
Laughing at ludacris lucrative hits
I think all the fame got the best off
Im best friends with your new thang
Cause he tryna get in the saints with us man
Looking at my rollie like damn! Its a good face
Love and hate, a world without hate would be a better place
Know what I'm saying'

[Break: Yaz]
You never loved us ( x Repeat)
You never, you never, you never

[Verse 3: Gawd Father]
You never loved us
Girl you just played us
Got us tripping
Listening to Stan
f** it damn
k**ed my pride as man
Got me thinking
Was your number 1 fan
Well I wasted my time
Puting roses on the bed all night
Well I know all right
Trusting you
Was like a bid
I never knew if I'd win
Took a chance so I did
I knew you'd hurt me 1 day
Like a saint commiting a sin
Baby I just want to win
And get your heart
Cause I knew you were smart
Baby I always told you
Stay true to who you are
That was our motto
Never lived life with sarrow
But were always ready for tomorrow

[Outro: Yaz]
My Highhhhh!
My high honestly i can't not explain
Looked up in the sky its a bird its a plain
Nah its n***as catching feeling man thats just the game
We don't mess no lames
Black with haze, damn we so great
The life that we living we cannot complain

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