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Y.A.Z. - Kingz Neva' Die lyrics

[Verse 1: Yaz]
Kings never die
Wanna know how it feels to fly
Grew a pair of wings
Cause you n***as wanted the fall of me
My head is big
But b**hes thats all of my confidence
Confidential files iz X-Files
Well sit on the thrown
And let you'll sit on the flour and get a** piles
Im a journalist with a question
Can i ask why
Why will you'll take the short cut
To fame than rather die tryin'
How many madonnas can that Honda fit
Push look is that Honda big enough
To fit madonnas wig
Follow my footsteps youll need a custom fit
Im cocky as hell thats why my dick so big
I think you'll should rap and leave the politics
Yeah my pockets bigger than our parliament
And n***as be wonderin'
How a basement rap kid
Went from rags to riches
Before youll could even blink
But just know
That kings never die

[Verse 2: Yaz]
Yeah n***a f** rich
Im talking for you dummies like a vantrilerqist
With a bat in the game cause I'm making these hits
Its either take hit
Or the next exit and quit, ha!
How does it feel to have a dick in your a**
Cause you'll do anything to get on top them
Get it
For this it takes a lot of stamina
To count the fetty up
And pick the haters out
And Make the realest proud
Dont f** with me now
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They ain't never f** with me now
Jet trips and all the antics
On the way to the top we pa**ed the addicts
Our lyrics is priceless like some antiques
Smokin' flight mode like we've got our own air strip
On a wild trip yeah i go with the aston
Youll get shot in the rotation if you ain't pa**ing
Coming to your funeral and hot box your casket
We so reckless
Ima bust a nut on chick thats so ratchet

[Verse 3: Yaz]
Ive been under pressure lately
All this pressure of being the greatest
I know the saintz are caged
In with fame we can't escape this
Bring a lighter
To ignite this holy fire
Than its pop pop hear the sirens
We stoners dave and Goliath
If you can't beat us why the f** are you trying
You must be out of your mind
Hypnotized by the sh**
And only i can get rid of this sh**
For real my n***a
f**as tryna hold my testicles
Eat p**y like a restaurant
n***as on periods like the day of the month
Bring fire and put a shame to the sun
n***a step in
5-0 pulled me over cause my mind is weapon
And locked me for that possession
That keep on capping
Lethal interjection sorry for what happened
Squirting champagne all around like a hard erection
Disguises on can't face facts
n***as so lame whack
Can't find me I'm like a needle in a haystack
Kings never die

[Outro: Gawd Father]
Muthaf**a whats up
You'll know kings never die

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