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XXXTENTACION - Tightrope (Feat. Scott James) lyrics

[Verse 1: Scott James]
The sun started falling, when you woke up
My feet weren't covered, when you started getting dressed x3

Forgive what's said in fear
And all I ask of you is hear
The girl with the golden heart
I k**ed from the inside out at dawn
The sun has only just arose
Cannot heal all the hearts that I've broke
The boy with the broken heart
His goal is to rip everything apart

[Hook: Scott James]
Don't leave this town my dear
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Don't leave here for the day
I'm on the ropes again
I need you as I am
Oh, Oh

[Bridge: Scott James]
The oars start sinking
When you let go
To use your hands while speaking
Something I'll never let us float


I must have caught your cold
I could not sleep at all
I'm clinging on for hope
I need you as I'm close

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