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Ayye, haha, yuh Bad Vibes Forever Wrist, wrist, work, uhh Agghhh fu*k Wrist work, uh, yuh, aye, yuh, aye, aye, yuh, aye, aye, aye FACE PLANT! FACE PLANT! FACE PLANT! I need love, I need d**, I need savior All my n***as, I got blood on my hands I might up the ante, try to hurt my f**in' band, aye, yuh fu*k out my way, Johnny Cage face kick I might lose my mind, I can't ever love a b**h Face that dope, f** a vote, f** Trump When that n***a win, put his body in the trunk I eat the flesh off an enemy, liver lookin' oh so f**in' good me, yuh, aye Menace is the only f**in' friend of me, aye, yuh f** that sh**, I need Hennessy, yuh, aye Wave lookin' like ma** genocide, aye World War X, I got men in line f** my life, I don't wanna live d**h before dishonor I am not a pig? Suicide pit! Suicide pit! Suicide pit! Suicide pit! f** my life, f** my life, f** my life up, yuh f** my life, f** my life, f** my life up! (2x)

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