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XXXTENTACION - Save Yourself! lyrics

[Verse 1: Kilo Jr]
Fuck these niggas talking
All these niggas hating
Put them in a coffin
Coughin' like I'm Weezing
All these bitches sleezy
Gimme sloppy toppy
Blowing on some reefer
Riding in to see this
Indica sativa
Always smoking greener
Riding in the bimmer
Slaughtering your daughter
In her mouth I put that water
Sipping on that Fiji
When I smoke [?]
Put you in a coma
Pull up in [?]
Bullets aiming on ya
Riding with my soldiers
All these bitches want this
Vlog us like they vlogging
They wish that we was fuckin'
Smoking all of summer
Might pop a xan
That's only if I wanna
Nigga really geekin'
Fuckin with no feelings
'cause a nigga heartless
Pussy, I done parted
Call a nigga moses
Imma slide up in it

[Verse 2: 1Hunnitjunior]
Droppin' a four in my cup
Movin' the weight in my truck
When I pull off, my tires be lookin' like scuff
Lay a nigga down like a motherfucking brush, uh
Bitch tryna put me in a cuff
Whip the snow like [?]
Got soap like Dove
Nigga broke like Crush, uh
Pull up in a truck
Too much money, my nigga, ain't enough
Pockets on [?]
I got it, I throw it, I throw it, I throw it up
Drink in the cup and I pour it up, pour it up
Shooting like movies
I'm shooting my uzi
My [?] be on [?]
She lick me like smoothie
Then jump in the Uber
I fuck her and lose her

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[Verse 3: $ki Mask The Slump God]
I like to fuck her on camera, ayy
Dirty Fantas with my menace, ayy
Pull up and pop me a Xanny, ayy
Don't know where the hell I'm standin', ayy
Probably somewhere, Tropicana, ayy
I had to get me a Fanta, ayy
Dirty double cup, no panic, ayy
Got the pack, just like a fanny
Baby blowin' bubble gum
I bet she got them bubble guts
I hit the pussy, uppercut
Fatality the little slut
Ridin' in a fuckin' rocket
Jimmy Neutron, ray gun poppin'
Nail the witch out by the lake, I bet she'll give me sloppy toppy
Gotta head to the side like a deer
Bitch want me to see how I'm actin', but got no mirror
Bitch I just be turnin' the fuck up, bitch ain't it clear?
And I'm 'bout my dough just like I'm Homer, give me a beer
How the hell you [?] for a lookout, can't see her
You say you be pourin' lean, now it's clear
That a nigga name [?] a queer
And I beat his ass while he was working, oh yeah, yeah

Fuck nigga
All is an enemy
Dark is a friend of me
I tend to nut on the face of my enemies
Rather be dead than migrate my vicinity
Did fight that pussy, bitch, we call that frenemies
Dark abyss
Cold night
Cracked skull with a cold pipe
Pussy nigga, show no fright
Oh shit, not a [?] right?
X so cold
Bitch so woke
Wrist don't froze
Bitch, don't fold
Fuck nigga choke
That pistol fuckin' blow
A ratchet with the stick
My niggas at your throat
I'm fuck nigga paid
Take your work and flex
Runnin' up a check
I rob, received a net
My bitch suck
But then she ducked that fuckin' dick boy, she finessed you for your check
You talkin' all that fuckin' shit, you wasn't 'bout it
I snatch up Lily, take a pic of that bitch sucking
Four deep, bed sheets, skeet stains on her knees
I make your bitch recite a script just like she makin' a movie

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