XXXTENTACION - Save Yourself! lyrics

Save Yourself! lyrics


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[Verse 1: Kilo Jr] f** these n***as talking All these n***as hating Put them in a coffin Coughin' like I'm Weezing All these b**hes sleezy Gimme sloppy toppy Blowing on some reefer Riding in to see this Indica sativa Always smoking greener Riding in the bimmer Slaughtering your daughter In her mouth I put that water Sipping on that Fiji When I smoke [?] Put you in a coma [?] Pull up in [?] Bullets aiming on ya Riding with my soldiers All these b**hes want this Vlog us like they vlogging They wish that we was f**in' Smoking all of summer Might pop a xan That's only if I wanna n***a really geekin' f**in with no feelings 'cause a n***a heartless p**y, I done parted Call a n***a moses Imma slide up in it [Verse 2: 1Hunnitjunior] Droppin' a four in my cup Movin' the weight in my truck When I pull off, my tires be lookin' like scuff Lay a n***a down like a motherf**ing brush, uh b**h tryna put me in a cuff Whip the snow like [?] Got soap like Dove n***a broke like Crush, uh Pull up in a truck Too much money, my n***a, ain't enough Pockets on [?] I got it, I throw it, I throw it, I throw it up Drink in the cup and I pour it up, pour it up Shooting like movies I'm shooting my uzi My [?] be on [?] She lick me like smoothie Then jump in the Uber I f** her and lose her [?] [Verse 3: $ki Mask The Slump God] I like to f** her on camera, ayy Dirty Fantas with my menace, ayy Pull up and pop me a Xanny, ayy Don't know where the hell I'm standin', ayy Probably somewhere, Tropicana, ayy I had to get me a Fanta, ayy Dirty double cup, no panic, ayy Got the pack, just like a fanny Baby blowin' bubble gum I bet she got them bubble guts I hit the p**y, uppercut Fatality the little s*ut Ridin' in a f**in' rocket Jimmy Neutron, ray gun poppin' Nail the witch out by the lake, I bet she'll give me sloppy toppy Gotta head to the side like a deer b**h want me to see how I'm actin', but got no mirror b**h I just be turnin' the f** up, b**h ain't it clear? And I'm 'bout my dough just like I'm Homer, give me a beer How the hell you [?] for a lookout, can't see her You say you be pourin' lean, now it's clear That a n***a name [?] a queer And I beat his a** while he was working, oh yeah, yeah [Verse 4: XXXTENTACION] f** n***a All is an enemy Dark is a friend of me I tend to nut on the face of my enemies Rather be dead than migrate my vicinity Did fight that p**y, b**h, we call that frenemies Dark abyss Cold night Cracked skull with a cold pipe p**y n***a, show no fright Oh sh**, not a [?] right? X so cold b**h so woke Wrist don't froze b**h, don't fold f** n***a choke That pistol f**in' blow A ratchet with the stick My n***as at your throat I'm f** n***a paid Take your work and flex Runnin' up a check I rob, received a net My b**h s** [?] But then she ducked that f**in' dick boy, she finessed you for your check You talkin' all that f**in' sh**, you wasn't 'bout it I snatch up Lily, take a pic of that b**h s**ing Four deep, bed sheets, skeet stains on her knees I make your b**h recite a script just like she makin' a movie

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