f** you nigas talkin' 'bout?

f** did you think
Imma surely f**ing run in the bank
Cut this crap and take you on in the paint
All these p**y n***as brought was a J, OKAY
That b**h want problems I'll grab his f**in' face put that in the dirt
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All that f**ing talking will get you murked
Run up on me p**y you will get murked
I'm coming for your daughter and your life p**y n***a
Imma make her p**y take pride when I'm in it
k** a f** n***a make em' write what they know
n***as steady barking but you know they mics for the G's
n***as steady barking but they mics for the cheese
You won't find another set of n***as like these
Very Rare savage make a f** n***a bleed
Get a f** n***a when his weakness showing up
When I pull up and I run in boy you better call the cops-

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