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Misc. female moaning

Cocaine for my breakfast
Hold that pistol: ambidextrous
Pussy boy talk reckless, he might end up on a stretcher
Fuck with my set, you get wet like a pussy
Sauce, what I spilled on my quilt, she need milk
XXX on a kill streak
You pussy niggas Rice Krispie
Fuck a white bitch on the sixth week
Six stars like GTA kill me
It's more money I'm getting
If a nigga try to take wig splitting briting
Shouts out to my zoe they killed my bro so bitch, off rip know
I'm like

Mama raised a soldier, not a bitch not a bitch, yuh! (x5)
R.I.P. my soul ay , R.I.P. my soul okay (x3)

[Verse 1: $ki Mask "The $lump God"]
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My who? hahahaha bitch
I got my handicaps on this bitch
I'm about to sip this motherfuckin' water
Oh that's not even water, I stole that boy's shit
Ay, came from the dirt you can't hit my perk
Said my diamonds wetter than some sweat, absurd
Gold up on my wrist is looking sunny - Big Bird
Hit 'em with the hit 'em with the numbers like a nerd
Ayy let's slide sixth wall, I'm tired
Call my pockets knotty cause they sloppy, oh my
I could be Xzibit, might pimp my ride
Wet pleasure rather pay the Rafs, like Christ
Hit my bitch like Bruno
Get a bitch wet no Juno
Put it in her mouth like Uno
Chest all polo like "Kudos!"
Dog ass nigga like Cujo
Face card bad who you know?
She all wet like fructose
Diamonds on like they cheat codes


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