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Misc. female moaning

Cocaine for my breakfast
Hold that pistol: ambidextrous
p**y boy talk reckless, he might end up on a stretcher
f** with my set, you get wet like a p**y
Sauce, what I spilled on my quilt, she need milk
XXX on a k** streak
You p**y n***as Rice Krispie
f** a white b**h on the sixth week
Six stars like GTA k** me
It's more money I'm getting
If a n***a try to take wig splitting briting
Shouts out to my zoe they k**ed my bro so b**h, off rip know
I'm like

Mama raised a soldier, not a b**h not a b**h, yuh! (x5)
R.I.P. my soul ay , R.I.P. my soul okay (x3)

[Verse 1: $ki Mask "The $lump God"]
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My who? hahahaha b**h
I got my handicaps on this b**h
I'm about to sip this motherf**in' water
Oh that's not even water, I stole that boy's sh**
Ay, came from the dirt you can't hit my perk
Said my diamonds wetter than some sweat, absurd
Gold up on my wrist is looking sunny - Big Bird
Hit 'em with the hit 'em with the numbers like a nerd
Ayy let's slide sixth wall, I'm tired
Call my pockets knotty cause they sloppy, oh my
I could be Xzibit, might pimp my ride
Wet pleasure rather pay the Rafs, like Christ
Hit my b**h like Bruno
Get a b**h wet no Juno
Put it in her mouth like Uno
Chest all polo like "Kudos!"
Dog a** n***a like Cujo
Face card bad who you know?
She all wet like fructose
Diamonds on like they cheat codes


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