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XXXTENTACION - Live Off A Lick lyrics

Hey Ha Aye
Oh this shit sound Smokepurpp as fuck, boy
This my type of shit right here, you heard?

Play this record as frequently as possible..

[Verse 1: Smokepurpp]
Bitch imma live off a lick
Bitch imma live off a lick
I got no wife, no trick
Bitch imma live off a lick (x7)
Bitch imma live off these licks (x7)
Bitch wanna fuck with the kid
Bitch wanna suck on a dick
Bitch wanna fuck in this bitch
Pull up to your crib in a foreign
Pull up to your crib on a foreign
Tell that bitch tell me till its borin'
Bitch i'll be ballin' and im scorin'
I got Lil Gang in the back
I got Lil K with the trap
I got Lil K where it's at
K finna spray on his ass
[came for the spray on his ass]
Pull up with my niggas, show stopping
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Bitch I go hard, boy stop it
And I get the guap like it's nothin'
On my niggas i'm a fuckin goblin
Bitch imma live off a lick (x2)
Bitch imma live off these licks (x6)

Voot up!
Watch me swing my blade
Watch me throw this dick your face
Hold up
Black shield on my waist bitch
Your blood I wanna taste, get it
Pull up to your momma crib
I sit outside like "what's up bitch?"
You bout it like you talking bitch
I swing at you like fuck that shit (yeah!)
My blade got no name, she suck me wanna taste
My vool hit my line he say he got that bitch on pay
I feel like Mayweather how I punch him in the face
"X please drop the tape" , bitches give me faith
Fuck nigga tec, pistol touch his neck
Watch his body drop, no tummy tuck
Make your tummy tuck, make your bladder bust
You've done it now, bitch you've done it now
Bitch, you fucking suck, Might touch you bruh
You'll get touched lil bruh, fucker tighten up

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