XXXTENTACION - Live Off A Lick lyrics

Hey Ha Aye
Oh this sh** sound Smokepurpp as f**, boy
This my type of sh** right here, you heard?

Play this record as frequently as possible..

[Verse 1: Smokepurpp]
b**h imma live off a lick
b**h imma live off a lick
I got no wife, no trick
b**h imma live off a lick (x7)
b**h imma live off these licks (x7)
b**h wanna f** with the kid
b**h wanna s** on a dick
b**h wanna f** in this b**h
Pull up to your crib in a foreign
Pull up to your crib on a foreign
Tell that b**h tell me till its borin'
b**h i'll be ballin' and im scorin'
I got Lil Gang in the back
I got Lil K with the trap
I got Lil K where it's at
K finna spray on his a**
[came for the spray on his a**]
Pull up with my n***as, show stopping

b**h I go hard, boy stop it
And I get the guap like it's nothin'
On my n***as i'm a f**in goblin
b**h imma live off a lick (x2)
b**h imma live off these licks (x6)

Voot up!
Watch me swing my blade
Watch me throw this dick your face
Hold up
Black shield on my waist b**h
Your blood I wanna taste, get it
Pull up to your momma crib
I sit outside like "what's up b**h?"
You bout it like you talking b**h
I swing at you like f** that sh** (yeah!)
My blade got no name, she s** me wanna taste
My vool hit my line he say he got that b**h on pay
I feel like Mayweather how I punch him in the face
"X please drop the tape" , b**hes give me faith
f** n***a tec, pistol touch his neck
Watch his body drop, no tummy tuck
Make your tummy tuck, make your bladder bust
You've done it now, b**h you've done it now
b**h, you f**ing s**, Might touch you bruh
You'll get touched lil bruh, f**er tighten up

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