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XXXTENTACION - #ImSippinTeaInYoHood (Remix) lyrics

Aye boy I'm sippin tea in yo hood
What the fuck is up, you buttercup
Purp in that blunt, smoking suicide bloody blunts
Pussy boy you talkin' shit for Twitter, it ain't addin' up
How these pussy niggas movin' day to day? I had enough
Post with that fucking blade, bitch I'll steal your face
Dick on that fucking gun, I love it when they run
Fuck all that talkin' shit, do that shit for fun
Fuck 'round with these niggas, aye
Stab a body, fuck do you mean
Comes with that Glock and that beam
Put that shit right in yo' spleen, aye
Run through yo hood, aye
Fuck nigga, what's really good? Aye
My niggas wish that you would, aye

[Hook] x7
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Bitch I'm sippin tea in yo hood
What the fuck is up

Bitch I'm sippin tea in yo hood, you a fake fuck
I don't need parental supervision, I just need drugs
We just smoke purp, who the fuck Purrp be fallin off
Arizona tea on his corpse in a parking lot
All you do is talk, stop, get my dick sucked
Pull up with a dick, finna fuck you up
Put 'em in your mouth, got you choking out
Pull up 20 deep, it's still not enough

Skinny but I'll bang it with the blade
Not afraid to die and you looking like a stain ok
You afraid of X you need ego death
You afraid of death, horror movie, triple X
You a fake fuck boy yuh yuh yuh
You a fake fuck boy yuh yuh yuh

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