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[Verse 1]
Vool up, vool up, b**h want my dick
Pop that p**y like a zit
f** do you mean
I am mean?, s** my dick yea
Stay with that Glock
I'mma run from the ops
You see a shot
Glock on me, that's the cops

[Verse 2]
Stop it, ay
Gothic, ay
I rip the head off the prophet, hey
I need a club full of knockers, hey
Empty that b**h it ain't nothing, hey
f**ing a, bumping, hey
I put his mouth on the carpet, hey
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Step on his head and then perf it, hey
Hope that sh** dubbing was worth it, hey

[Verse 3]
Duffel bag
Think a n***a need a duffel bag
You park, your boy
You duck your b**h
Punch yourself
Then your n***as wanna punch ya, son
Then I grab the gun
Extend the clip
p**y, boy
You're bleeding like a p**y, boy
You need a pack
You need a pic


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