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XXXTENTACION - I wonder if bloods watch blue's clues (Patty Cake) lyrics

(ay, ay)
Patty cake, patty cake
Work my wrist like patty cake
Two white bitches like Mary Kate
Nigga want beef like faggot get (ay)
Eat my dick like sirloin steak
Rape bitch that's my fetish (ay)
I don't speak the language of subtle
Only speak the language of lettuce (ay)
Patty cake, patty cake you finna get some dick today
Drop neck put it on your lips bitch lick up dick put it on your daughter and still caught a nut
Patty cake, patty cake
Nutted on your bitch like Johnny K
ATL pull up in roller skates
Work my tongue like a vibrator (ay)

Free my nigga X
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(Verse 2/CRAIG XEN)
Patty cake, patty cake
Backhand bitch who ain't got my pay
Left, right, switch then her tits get stabbed
Break a nigga bitch like a KKK
Patty cake, patty cake
Nigga want beef I'll slice, fillet
Nigga got beef I'll pull up in the street got an M16 and it's heavyweight
Patty cake, patty cake
Pull up out my niggas pay
Yeah we got a whole lotta Marijuana
Hot-box a hummer like a motherfucking sauna
Patty cake
Better bring that ass on my face ASAP
Lemme get a taste (ay) shake it on me bitch make it clap
(Patty Cake)

(y'all don't need to know what he sayin it's pretty clear lol)

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