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XXXTENTACION - I wonder if bloods watch blue's clues (Patty Cake) lyrics

(ay, ay)
Patty cake, patty cake
Work my wrist like patty cake
Two white b**hes like Mary Kate
n***a want beef like faggot get (ay)
Eat my dick like sirloin steak
Rape b**h that's my fetish (ay)
I don't speak the language of subtle
Only speak the language of lettuce (ay)
Patty cake, patty cake you finna get some dick today
Drop neck put it on your lips b**h lick up dick put it on your daughter and still caught a nut
Patty cake, patty cake
Nutted on your b**h like Johnny K
ATL pull up in roller skates
Work my tongue like a vibrator (ay)

Free my n***a X
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(Verse 2/CRAIG XEN)
Patty cake, patty cake
Backhand b**h who ain't got my pay
Left, right, switch then her tits get stabbed
Break a n***a b**h like a KKK
Patty cake, patty cake
n***a want beef I'll slice, fillet
n***a got beef I'll pull up in the street got an M16 and it's heavyweight
Patty cake, patty cake
Pull up out my n***as pay
Yeah we got a whole lotta Marijuana
Hot-box a hummer like a motherf**ing sauna
Patty cake
Better bring that a** on my face ASAP
Lemme get a taste (ay) shake it on me b**h make it clap
(Patty Cake)

(y'all don't need to know what he sayin it's pretty clear lol)

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