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XXXTENTACION - GnarlyGuyAnthem! (Hell Version) lyrics

[Intro: $ki Mask "The $lump God"]
b**h, Skrr, b**h, Vroom
My back hurt and sh**, i got you though

[Verse 1: $ki Mask "The $lump God"]
He is an amateur, damage him
You are no animal, cameltoe
Touch on that b**h on the low
Neck, breasts, throat
We are not friends, {?}
Warm that b**h up like a coat
I got that puss like a pro

Yeah i put my dick in her a**-hole
70 b**hes with no {?}
Brun da da dun, get her a** {?}
Like what she see, know where that go
Yummy yummy yummy
She my little baby, put my dick in her tummy
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[Verse 3: $ki Mask "The $lump God"]
{?} no pressure, he is not a fighter
I am not Tyson but i am a biter
{?} apple, no cider
I am a terrorist, i am Al-Qaeda
{?} like a ferris wheel, look like a lighter
Hannah Montana, she Miley, no Cyrus
Your b**h like a pirate, she hate me like isis

f** me up, throw a tantrum
My wrist is {?}
I got no weapon {?}
She hold my mother for ransom
She s** my dick cause i'm handsome
My pistol is singing, its dancing
I s** her, i hate her, i act like its {?} but she give me neck ayy

Wrists tilt, body built, take your b**h she need some milk (x3)
Take your b**h she need some milk
Take your b**h she need some ayy

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