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XXXTENTACION - GnarlyGuyAnthem! (Hell Version) lyrics

[Intro: $ki Mask "The $lump God"]
Bitch, Skrr, Bitch, Vroom
My back hurt and shit, i got you though

[Verse 1: $ki Mask "The $lump God"]
He is an amateur, damage him
You are no animal, cameltoe
Touch on that bitch on the low
Neck, breasts, throat
We are not friends, {?}
Warm that bitch up like a coat
I got that puss like a pro

Yeah i put my dick in her ass-hole
70 bitches with no {?}
Brun da da dun, get her ass {?}
Like what she see, know where that go
Yummy yummy yummy
She my little baby, put my dick in her tummy
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[Verse 3: $ki Mask "The $lump God"]
{?} no pressure, he is not a fighter
I am not Tyson but i am a biter
{?} apple, no cider
I am a terrorist, i am Al-Qaeda
{?} like a ferris wheel, look like a lighter
Hannah Montana, she Miley, no Cyrus
Your bitch like a pirate, she hate me like isis

Fuck me up, throw a tantrum
My wrist is {?}
I got no weapon {?}
She hold my mother for ransom
She suck my dick cause i'm handsome
My pistol is singing, its dancing
I sex her, i hate her, i act like its {?} but she give me neck ayy

Wrists tilt, body built, take your bitch she need some milk (x3)
Take your bitch she need some milk
Take your bitch she need some ayy

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