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XXXTENTACION - FukEmWeBall lyrics

[Verse 1: Xxxtentacion]
What the f** you n***as want?
Grab that pistol, shoot you when you cut
Walking faggot acting very blunt
p**y n***a test, i'll f** you up
Imaa f** up the ones i diss
p**y n***a you a private, i'm a vet
War ready, i don't need a vest
Press em' like a condom on a tec

[Hook: Xxxtentacion]
Ay, FukEmWeBall (15x)

[Verse 2: SANTZ]
Sorry this sh**, there ain't stopping it
Pistol whip when [?]
Angel takes over, my body lose consciousness
Way to relentless won't stop till I'm ruling the continent
f** up with us there will be casualty
[Lyrics from: https:/]
One punch fatality
X with that blade, there ain't no stopping him
She s** me up cause [?]
Parachute [?]
Wonder where you will be landing
Members Only, the conglomerate
There will be history happening
Just be careful cause the rap game we damaging

[Outro: Xxxtentacion]
Ay, FukEmWeBall
b**hes just.. FukEmWeBall
Ain't no stopping me so FukEmWeBall
Run through the streets screaming out "FukEmWeBall"
The Cops will not handle this, so FukEmWeBall
FukEmWeBall, forever screaming out "FukEmWeBall"
Till' the day i drop FukEmWeBall, FukEmWeBall
It's still FukEmWeBall

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