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Xavier Omar - Awkward lyrics

[Verse: MartyMar]
Can I- can I talk to you?
Yeah, I just um.. I-I just wanna say some things
When I see you my stomach feels like butterflies are flying in it
And truthfully I never been in love
So I guess I wouldn't even know the difference
I just want to use any excuse just to stay with you a little bit... longer
And you may not know it but I dream about us when I sit on top of my car cause
I like looking into the stars and feel the breeze roll against my arms
And um when we're together I'm not on my phone cause I only want to talk to you
I mean I don't even rhyme right
I just want you to know how I feel
Like, I'm awkward and I joke around
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And wanna share a straw with you
And a milkshake and wear matching shirts
And be that couple that all the couples hate
Lets be weird together and happy and
I'll hold you when you cry and you can always have my heart
Let's run away to a place where no one knows who we are
I just wanna be awkward with you
Maybe some kids
Oh it's weird
I just, I wanna see you
I see you at the cafeteria
And I'm in your home room
And I love you
And I'm stupid
And I'm sorry
And I just wanted to tell it to your face...
I'm awkward

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