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Xavier Omar - Along The Way lyrics

Usually I would just say whatever
But this time around I flip something special
Tell you about Fern and a couple endeavors
Prince to pauper, Meek said it was Levels
Social Club is the best
Due to the fact that we're blood bought yes
And our sins are in the sea of forgetfulness
My plea to the Lord that He take my stress
I don't want it no more
See your grace but I'm still stuck on shore
How I feel about it
Whenever my thinking's cloudy
I just gotta pray about it
And leave it all at the cross! of course!
My way short of halo
Why go so hard? Christ say so
Hey bro I work hard for the pay, so
How many nights I stayed up writing these songs
To help you out to get you where you belong?
We out here, Dead Poets Society
My heart I have Jesus inside me
Live my life but not afraid to expire it
Cus to die is gain, in my life he reigns
And that's just how it goes
City to city be tearing up shows
Me and Marty are...
Amazing to see all these blessings bestowed
So I'll let it be known, since Heaven's my future home
Trust God, nobody else
Came and found me nobody else
I was in the cell, nobody else
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But I'm not trying to go to Hell with everybody else
Save Me

Waking up at like 9 a.m
Never sleep on me
If it was easy then they'd all be in
But we all can't win
And I take off my crown as the misfit king
Missing things and he's adding in
And I'm listening to the ceiling fan
I'm all alone in this room I'm in
Praying to God "can you here me right?"
I'm adjusting, I'm a long road of destruction
Lord knows I'm good at bluffing
Without your grace I'm a nothing
Without your grace I'm a common
Without your grace it's exhausting
But I love you and I'm all in

Looking back at my past
Don't want to repeat her
Looking at my future, so hard to believe her
Cus all my life, been made to believe that
I'm everything I've done
But you don't even see that
All you see is love, you have given me that
Pouring it out with blood, just so I can see that
All you want is time, always on my mind
If I seek you I will find
If I seek you I will find

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