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Xavier Omar - BC lyrics

[Verse 1: SPZRKT]
I'm trapped in every piece of your love
I'm not even trying to get out
I've gotta lease on your love
But I want the whole thing now

[Pre-chorus: SPZRKT]
I keep falling
You keep picking me up
I keep stalling
Shift me in to your love
I can feel it
In your heart I will trust
Where have I been my whole life?

[Chorus: SPZRKT]
What was I doing before you?
Where was I looking before you?
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What was I doing before you?
I went everywhere just looking for you
And I'll never go looking again

[Verse 2: Marz Ferrer]
I put my heart over your eyes
So I can hide myself
I feel overwhelmed that you can see behind my smile
Its amazing you can see
A heart with an ocean in the way
You sought me out despite my doubt you still pursued me
With every warm breath
Your love is a mercy me
How you ignite this life in me


What was I doing anywhere but with you x10

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