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Xavier Omar - Alumni lyrics

I'm a black man, and I don't know how to sing and I don't know how to dance and I don't know how to preach to no congregation. I'm too small to be a football hero, and I'm too ugly to be elected mayor. When I watch TV, and I see all them people and all them fine homes they live, and all them nice cars they drive, and I get all full of ambition. Now you tell me what I'm supposed to do with all this ambition I got.

[Verse 1]
What you do when it's time become a man?
When how the chips fall is determined by how you stand
When everyday you wake up, on your mind is getting the grands
You don't really talk to pops, but acquainted with Uncle Sam
Uh, I been pacing a lot, losing weight, but feel pregnant I've been waiting to pop
Recognizing the time while they been chasing the clock
They complained 'bout where they piss, but they ain't facing the pot
Now this the last year I'm choosing gas or the dinner plate
Sick of being broke, a youngin' had to hit the interstate
So bye mama, this the life that I chose
Coming from the concrete, I'm such a confident rose
Could've been out on the street where niggas cock and unload
But instead I'm making profits off of what I compose
I'm not even close, to being that nigga you want to try
These words are my weapon, now which one of you want to die
I know you wondering why, it's so aggressive off the top of this
Feel like there's an S on my chest, this is Metropolis
I swear I got my foot on they necks, get 'em some lozenges
Killing everything in my way and taking no hostages

I'ma just let it breathe

[Verse 2]
Everybody got a story to tell, and this is my life
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Rappers be like ESPN, showing the highlights
But this is my story, I give you guts and the glory
Show you cuts when they gory
This ain't magic youngin', Voiala (Why Lie)
Shirt looking like tie dye
Sweat making it bleed
While I'm out here on this road, I pray that you intercede
Cause it's strange fruit hanging off the popular tree
So I keep my mind loaded like a Glock would be
The game is sold, it's told, but it's not for free
I'm taking ownership and this my apostrophe
I'm possibly everything these people were afraid of
Think if Langston Hughes and maybe Trina would have made love
9 months later had a baby then they raised him
Deep in Florida waters so the current never fazed him
That would be the basis of who'd I be
I'm from the clay, got me feeling like the new Ali

I would like to welcome you to Alumni

[Outro: Xavier Omär]
All I've ever known is struggle
I just want to
Get to know somebody new
I went the right way
But you know that the times are different now
I won't be denied by systems now
I know I will rise
(I won't be denied)
(I won't be denied)

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