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WunTayk Timmy - Cake lyrics

Feat : Bryson Tiller

[Intro: Bryson Tiller]
God Tiller
Aw man that was one of my lazier ones I said
This shit sound like uh 2017 Darth Vader theme song or some shit, I don't know

[Verse 1: Bryson Tiller]
Oh my god I'm poppin'
Tiller done got it poppin'
Niggas is down talkin', I guess they ran outta options, yeah
Like a lost wallet they outta pocket
Don't get me started ey
That's when a nigga go hardest
Flow get so chaotic
Lambo look good talk less
Dashboard it's electronic
Cali say I'm iconic
Nigga you ain't know none 'bout it
Need 20 millions dollars profit
Wifey like to go and shopping
God damn gringo nigga
Tiller got cheat codes nigga
Talk to me though nigga better lose your motherfucking ego nigga
I'm married to the beat though nigga
Need a tuxedo nigga
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The info come to the summer all year
Your MCM just put it to the fountain blue stuntin' in the rental car yeah
Your MCM just over drafted on the motherfucking rapper card yeah
God Tiller I'm raptard yeah
I want this car, that car yeah
Deaf, deaf to the bullshit, nigga I'm deaf
I made a lotta money when I started being true to myself
A nigga couldn't make me me I had to do it myself
So that's why I hate when I nigga tell me they could use my help
Shot my niggas in Louisville still
All I ever hear "Shoot, kill kill"
Ridin' through the city, through the Ill Will
That struggle, I made it through that struggle
My vision tunnel, I want that cake that funnel

[Hook: Bryson Tiller]
Yeah I just want the cake nigga
That funnel cake nigga
I just want the cake nigga
That funnel cake nigga

[Verse 2: WunTayk Timmy]

[Outro: WunTayk Timmy & Bryson Tiller]
Clique Clan
God Tiller

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