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WORLDLORD$ - Word is Bond lyrics

[Verse 1: Rashaan Miotoshi]
Oye, 90 something in effect
More bounce to the ounce, better protect ya f**in' neck
One time for ya mothaf**in' mind
Call me Steve Nash when I drop dimes & these rhymes
They say I'm out my mind, so I must be outta sight
Cause when I start to rhyme, you know my styles completely tight
I feel the breeze, from my enemies
Take flight with ease, when I rock with these MCs
As days come, some people ain't sh** to me
Walkin' up, talkin' to me like my sh**'s free
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I like to stay focused, when I'm out on my grind
Waste my time, with your bullsh**, you out your mind

[Verse 2: Rashaan Miotoshi]
Breakin' muthaf**as off, n***as for the hoo ride
The true G, call me B, let a n***a slide
Bumpin' $crewed music, everytime that I swang
Let my speakers bang, while I switch lanes
Don't front, you know I gotcha open
Goin' in for k**, as I move slow motion
I swear, I'm the most overlooked
Give me some time, I'll bet I'll have ya shooked

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